Audio and Video Systems for Businesses and Corporate Offices

Kinetic in Calgary, Alberta offers industry‑leading audio‑visual hardware, advanced software, and cutting‑edge cloud technology installations for organizations. We provide complete AV solutions regardless of your business’ size.

The Industries We Serve

Government and Military

Keep your operations secure with the help of our services. We provide innovative AV management systems and intuitive work solutions for government or military‑grade environments.


Keeping your healthcare facility in peak condition is essential for saving lives. Medical professionals rely on systems to send high-quality images that can teach, save lives, and improve security for healthcare organization around the world.


We provide effective AV solutions for any campus environment. Our industry-leading hardware, top-of-the-line software, and cutting-edge cloud technologies will be a huge asset for any educational institution.


Keep your audiences and patrons captivated and satisfied with our AV systems. Whether you’re broadcasting multiple sporting events for energetic fans or projecting live videos at a concert, our solutions will be a huge boon for your event.

Banking and Trading

In the financial world, protecting sensitive data is key to doing business. Secured meeting rooms and training rooms offer the most reliable, secure, scalable and user-friendly solutions on the market.

Our AV Communication Systems’ Features

  • Mass Notifications

    Detailed pre-recorded or live instruction information sent to building occupants (or facility) in an emergency situation through integrated technologies.

  • Paging and Intercom

    Single-zone to large multi-zone complex enterprise environments with dynamic high‑performance solutions.

  • Sound Reinforcement

    Help individuals hear intended communications better by utilizing technology that amplifies and broadcasts sounds to a wider audience.

  • Two-Way Systems

    Ensure building safety whether a building requires occupant assistance or other two-way communication with remote sites.

  • Hearing Assist Systems

    Minimize the impact of background noise or other distractions for individuals or groups in close proximity that need to communicate.

  • Microphones, Mixers, Controls, and Speakers

    Amplify sound with microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, speakers, and other components.

  • Sound Masking

    Lessen various unwanted, low-level noises and achieve privacy in an open office environment as part of an acoustical design plan.

  • Two-Way Video Conferencing

    Bring your offices together without the need for travel and host safety and critical business meetings in real-time with collaborative cloud services securely encrypted to military standards.

Installations for New Constructions and Renovation Projects

We support our clients by providing design and consultation services to procure the most effective results at the most economical factor. Whether we’re handling new construction or renovation projects, Kinetic always strives to deliver successful results.

Besides design and consultation, our AV services also include public address systems of all models and sizes, display and digital signages, system automation, AV networks, video systems, sound masking, and intelligent and architectural lighting. From start to finish, we involve ourselves in all aspects of any project.

We’re Waiting on Your Call

Our lines are open. If you have any questions, concerns, and appointment requests, feel free to send them our way.